A safer online space to dismantle anti-Black racism.


This community space was designed to help connect Oregonians with a safe online space to come together, heal, advocate, and dismantle our internal and external anti-Black racism.


Many Oregonians want to work towards a state where Black lives matter but are becoming overwhelmed with absorbing negative news on social media. Identifying starting points for countering white supremacy and anti-black racism in yourself, your communities, and your institutions can be challenging. Discovering safe places of solidarity to move from despair to action can be equally exhausting. 

The reality is that self-care isn't enough. We need community care to deal with the trauma of anti-black racism and work together to build a just future.

We're tapping into our radical Black imagination to create new realities. We know we can build a colorful world with Black joy, where Black communities are well-connected and thriving. 

We do that work through community connection, community care, and community action.


Black Oregonians deserve better. 

Black Oregonians are not progressing at equitable rates -- whether in health, education, housing, environmental justice, economic development, civic engagement, or administration of justice -- our socioeconomic standing continues to deteriorate. This is a result of structural racism in institutions and policies at local, state, and federal levels. Changing them requires civic power, won through organizing, leadership, community care, and community action. 

Our goal is that through this web and mobile app, users will clearly understand the structural anti-Black racism in institutions and policies at local, state, and federal levels. But they will, most importantly, imagine a world that promotes community care.



Imagine Black is a progressive, Black-Queer-led nonprofit in Oregon. Our mission is to help our Black community imagine the alternatives we deserve and build our political participation and leadership to achieve those alternatives.

We operate using a Black Queer Feminist, which emphasizes that liberation for all Black people can only be realized by lifting the voices, experiences, and issues of historically silenced and vulnerable groups within Black communities.

Learn more at imagineblack.org



To all of our kinfolk members. Imagine Black emerges from your imagination, dreams, and fierce advocacy. We can't do any of this work without you.